HAK SE MODERN RICE MILL (HSMRM) is a family-owned rice mill. Its core business is producing quality rice to supply for both local and international market. Mr. Hak Se founded it in Kompong Cham province in 2007. HSMRM exports rice under company name HS RICE Co., Ltd.


The basic purpose of HSMRM is to commit to introduce the genuine flavour of Cambodian rice to the world market and take part to promote Cambodia to become a vitally important rice supplier around the globe.


HSMRM has produced all kinds of quality rice including fragrant rice, long and medium grain white rice and broken in order to meet the demand the local and oversea markets properly. Moreover, its best determination is just to focus on the high quality of rice seriously and necessarily through a very careful concentration on the selection of raw materials for the manufacturing processes even from the selection of raw materials to packaging process. Obviously, we have thoroughly made the best attempt of achieving what we mentioned clearly in our slogan "Quality Rice you can trust".


Approximately 85% of Cambodian people make a living by growing the rice because of a better condition of fertilized land and humid weather. Additionally, the vision of Cambodian royal government is to promote the rice export up to 1 million tons by 2015. Moreover, Cambodia has kindly been tolerated 100% with export tariff from EU. Anyway, since there has been the potential of agriculture in Cambodia, HSMRM is founded by Mr. Hak Se.

HSMRM facts

  • Founded: 2007
  • Main business activities: producing rice for both local and international market
  • Milling capacity: 15 Tons/Hour