Products for Export

We mainly supply Cambodian Fragrant Rice (Jasmine/Phka Malis) and Cambodian Long Grain White Rice for international market.

Our Markets

    We export to:
  • Europe
  • China

Export Basic Information

  • Minimum order 2 containers (50MT)
  • Minimum supply 5,000 MT per month
  • Packing size: start from 5Kg to 1MT bags

Documents provided

  • Commercial Invoice and Packing list
  • Full set of BL issued by Shipping Lines
  • Certificate of Quantity issued by Camcontrol
  • Fumigation Certificate issued by Authorities Company
  • Phyto-sanitory Certificate issued by Ministry of Agriculture
  • Test Report (Quality Certificate) issued by CamControl
  • Certificate of Origin issued by Ministry of Commerce

HSMRM facts

  • Founded: 2007
  • Main business activities: producing rice for both local and international market
  • Milling capacity: 15 Tons/Hour